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What Older Adults Should Do After A Broken Bone

Older adults are at a greater risk of a broken bone due to aging or underlying health conditions such as osteoporosis. Knowing what to do after a broken bone ensures a speedy recovery in seniors and helps them get their life back to normal. If you have suffered a fracture, you may benefit from rehabilitation which encourages bone growth and quick recovery.

Treating a Broken Bone

Bone fractures in older adults are severe and require immediate medical attention to heal correctly. Bone injuries heal slowly in seniors due to reduced bone density caused by aging. The treatment for a broken bone depends on its location and the state of the blood supply to the area. 

Low-impact accidents like falling on the ground usually don’t require surgery. For such patients, rest, pain control, and early but slow movement therapy may be adequate. However, significant injuries such as hip fractures will require surgery to stabilize and realign the bones.

Bone Recovery with Rehabilitation

Orthopedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation accelerates bone healing by improving recovery, alleviating pain, and correcting limitations caused by bone fractures. Rehabilitation focuses on applying controlled pressure to the bone to start the healing process.

Trained therapists will create a customized treatment plan according to your abilities, condition, and goals. During rehabilitation, physicians use various techniques such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice therapies, and cold laser therapy. These treatments restore and maintain the strength and cognition of muscles and joints.

Rehabilitation will gradually restore movement to the surrounding joints to improve mobility and strength and prevent falls. Unfortunately, the chance of a secondary fracture significantly increases after you’ve suffered a fracture. 

Your rehab specialist will offer tools to help you avoid falls. It is crucial to learn how to slow down further bone deterioration, increase bone strength, and take medications to treat any conditions that may cause further severe injury. 

Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Strengthening your muscles and bones can help you reduce your risk of falling and quickly recover from fractures. Here are other ways of guarding yourself against fractures:

Exercise: Exercising helps reduce the risk of falling, according to research. Seniors can build their strength, flexibility, and mobility through various routines. A low-impact exercise program also increases recovery rates after a fracture.

Bone density screening: Aging bones lose strength and density, leading to a higher risk of fractures. Keep on top of osteoporosis with regular bone density screening, and you should include it in your annual checkup. 

Take steps to prevent falls: Take simple steps to make your home safer by removing trip hazards. Consider taking out your rug and clearing the floors of shoes, books, clothes, and electrical cords. Regular eye exams can also help.

Good nutrition: Eating a well-balanced diet is one of the quickest steps you can take toward your recovery process. Besides getting adequate calcium, you should also consider other healthy alternatives like vitamin D, magnesium, copper, and iron.

Engaging your primary care provider after a fracture: Your primary care provider is your best resource for preventing secondary fractures.

Taking Care of Medication Side Effects: Seniors should pay attention to medication side effects, including drowsiness, which can increase their risk of falling and getting hurt.

Speed Up Your Recovery with Rehabilitation Services

Broken bone rehabilitation services help older adults recover more quickly after fractures and regain independence. The Arbors, a leading provider of rehabilitation therapy in the Texas panhandle region, will help restore your joint movement and strengthen muscles. Contact us today for a personalized treatment plan customized to your abilities, physical limitations, and recovery goals. Our qualified team will work closely with you to achieve your goals.