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Enjoying the Outdoors with Limited Mobility

Senior living is challenging with limited mobility, but it does not mean you can’t have fun outside. The great outdoors is great for the body and the mind. The good news is that you can indulge in plenty of mobility-friendly activities without moving around. Getting involved in these activities is crucial to boost your mood and keep you connected. 

Limited Mobility Doesn’t Have to Hold You Back

Older adults can no longer explore new places as they did in their younger years. Senior living can be isolating and monotonous due to limited mobility and deteriorating health. When you’re stuck indoors, loneliness and boredom can negatively impact your happiness. Little things like watching birds and hearing flowing water can provide welcome relief.

You can make most of your time outdoors even with limited mobility. Various outdoor activities are mobility-friendly, and you won’t need a lot of effort and energy to have fun. Spending time outdoors adds freshness to your daily life and makes you feel alive.

With the help of your occupational therapist, it’s easy to find the right mobility equipment if you’re having trouble walking or moving around. No matter if you’re in a wheelchair, proper planning helps you break your mundane routine.

Getting active outside provides new experiences and a way to relieve sadness and frustrations. In turn, you’re improving your mental and physical well-being. Getting out more often also boosts your energy levels and increases happiness. 

Different Ways to Get Outside in Senior Living

Take advantage of the dozen ways of spending time outdoors and being active. Here are a few activities to get you started:

1. Fishing

Fishing is a great activity to bond with family and friends. Many lakes and rivers are becoming more accessible to wheelchair users, and a rented pontoon boat has enough space to fit your wheelchair. Adaptive fishing equipment makes fishing easier by allowing you to fish with one hand while clamping the pole on one side.

2. Picnic in the Park

Almost all public gardens and arboretums have paved pathways for wheelchair users to explore the greenery and flowers. As you explore accessible parks, grab a sandwich and sit at a picnic table. Enjoying a picnic combines the healing benefits of being outdoors with the positive effects of being around family and friends. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as there is sunshine and a nice view. 

3. Gardening

Gardening can be rewarding, flexibility, and strength-building exercises. The best part is you don’t have to travel far to admire the flowers and get in touch with nature. Building raised beds makes accessing a wheelchair easier than kneeling or stooping over the ground. 

4. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise; you can enjoy the sun as you cool off. If you want to stay in shape or have a relaxing time, swimming in a pool is a great option. Look for pools with lifts to help you get into the water while in a wheelchair.  

5. Bird Watching 

Bird watching is an excellent activity as it accommodates a range of mobility levels. You might go for a hike or simply sit on a bench as you view different birds. Bird feeders allow you to experience some of the dynamics and beauty of nature up close with limited mobility.

Getting Outdoors: Beneficial for Senior Living

Getting outdoors is a great way to improve your health, even with some of the challenges that come with aging. At The Arbors in Amarillo, TX, we believe that you deserve a happy and fulfilled life. Contact us today for personalized treatment for limited mobility and rehabilitation services.