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At The Arbors, we know how important it is to have a nurse who genuinely cares about you and your recovery. That’s why we are grateful to have Rosalie Mitchell, this month’s Staff Spotlight.

Rosalie Mitchell has been with The Arbors for over nine years. She is a charge nurse with an eye for detail and 15 years of leadership experience. She is a skilled multi-tasker and strives to be punctual in everything she does, whether she is setting up IVs or providing wound care.

But, more than anything, Rosalie is a people person.

“I work well with people and love what I do,” Rosalie says. “I’m not afraid to work hard for my patients and for my peers.”

It’s that compassion that drew Rosalie to the nursing profession. Since she was a child, she loved caring for people. The Arbors allows her to use her passion and her expertise to help people recover and return to their homes safely. She continues to provide conscientious care to all of her patients today.

“I found a place that I love to work. There are great people here who are very caring and willing to give their all.”

Rosalie’s favorite parts of her job include watching patients grow and the opportunity to grow and evolve herself. Over the years, she has refined her nursing skills and continues to develop lasting relationships with her patients.

When she isn’t helping patients recover from surgery, illness, or injury, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren. She loves to bake, cook, swim, travel, and garden. Faith is also a driving force for Rosalie.

“Family is most important to me,” Rosalie says. “Family, and serving my dear Lord.”

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