Loretta Welshars has worked for The Arbors for 11 years. As a certified nurse’s aid and unit clerk, she uses her organizational skills to help patients get the treatment they need to recover.

Even before she joined the Arbors, Loretta worked in restorative positions. She decided to join The Arbors team because of the updated facility, high reputation, and welcoming staff.

Loretta was first drawn to the field of nursing by her passion for helping others. She especially enjoys helping the elderly.

“I love taking care of people,” Loretta says. “I’m very focused on my work and teamwork.”

It’s this aspect of teamwork that makes The Arbors different from other places she has worked at, Loretta says. The staff is always willing to help each other, and they look out for each other.

“My favorite part of working at The Arbors is my work family,” Loretta says. “That, and making the residents smile.”

When she isn’t with her work family, Loretta spends time with her home family. She also enjoys reading.

Loretta has a very task-oriented mindset. She loves checking off her to do list and getting the job done right. At The Arbors, she makes a difference every day in the lives of the patients she helps.

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