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Exercise is the best way for someone who has undergone surgery, recent illness or injury to recover quickly. However, working out after being in the hospital can be a challenge.

At The Arbors, we’re dedicated to helping your loved one recover quickly and safely. That’s why we offer Biodex equipment designed specifically for older adults recovering from surgery, illness or injury.

Our renovated facility features a 3,274 square foot gym with wide open spaces. The gym is equipped with new state-of-the-art Biodex equipment that helps your loved one gently build up endurance and strength. We are the only facility in Amarillo that uses this technology to record our patient’s functional status and progress.

The Biodex equipment includes a sit-to-stand trainer, balance system and gait trainer with an unweighting system. While the equipment is high-tech, it’s also easy to use. The equipment automatically records information like how much sway is in their stance, their base of support, step length, speed, endurance, and more.

We can use this data to chart a patient’s progress and determine specific areas that need focus. This gives our therapists and the doctor the information they need to help your loved one recover.

Our facilities are open to any patient who comes in after a hospital admission. We offer physical and occupational therapy six days per week and speech therapy five days a week, as needed. Physical therapy will complete a formal balance test every five days, as medically indicated, with use of the Biodex Balance System to assess progress and to assess continued deficits.

Our services are individually geared towards your loved one’s specific needs. Additionally, our services are suited for orthopedic; cardiac; neurological; respiratory patients, individuals after surgery, and those with general debility following a hospitalization.

Therapy services are crucial for recovering after a surgery, illness or injury especially for the elderly. The goal of our therapy programs is to help our clients regain their strength and function so that they can return home safely. Our new facilities give us the tools and space to achieve this.

Take a tour of our facilities and see our new Biodex equipment for yourself!