For this month’s staff spotlight, we interviewed Jami Maize, social services worker at The Arbors. Jami has worked for The Arbors since April, 2009. She helps patients every day through her work as a social worker and discharge planner.

Before she worked for The Arbors, Jami worked at Plum Creek for 12 years. During her time there, she developed relationships with community resources like home healthcare agencies, LTC facilities, AL facilities, DMF companies, and more. These relationships helped her understand how to better serve patients.

Jami’s passion for social work developed from watching her sister’s success in the industry.

“My sister is a social worker and she got me interested in it,” Jami says. “Once I went to WTAMU and got started taking social work classes, I feel in love with the profession.”

That love brought Jami to Ware Living Center in Amarillo, where she pursued her passion for helping others. When a position opened up at The Arbors, she was transferred over. Although she hadn’t originally planned on working for The Arbors, Jami says she is thankful that’s where she ended up.

“I enjoy what I do and like where I work,” Jami says. “I have a great team to work with at The Arbors who supports me.”

Her favorite parts about her job include the staff management and the relationships she has developed with her coworkers and patients. Jami is a people pleaser and an excellent communicator, both of which enable her to develop bonds with those she works with and to provide care that is both compassionate and effective.

Outside of The Arbors, Jami spends much of her time at home with family and friends, watching TV and playing games. She spends a lot of time with nieces and nephews, and attends family events and church on a regular basis.

“My relationship with God, my family and friends, my work family – that is what’s most important to me.”

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