For this month’s staff spotlight, we’re going to highlight nurse’s aide Brenda Daves.

Brenda Daves has been with The Arbors for eight years as a certified nurses’ aide. Brenda helps patients gain strength and stability through teaching, exercises and encouragement so they can return to their former lifestyle.

Brenda has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. Before she started working at The Arbors, she worked at long-term care and home health facilities. Over the course of her career, she learned the best treatments for different diseases so she can provide her patients with the best care possible.

What got Brenda interested in a career in healthcare was her passion for helping others get better.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and make a difference,” Brenda says. “It’s my calling.”

The ability to make a difference, along with the constant opportunity for personal growth, is what she loves most about her work at The Arbors.

“It’s a career, not a job,” Brenda says.

In addition to helping others, Brenda also has a passion for crafting. When she isn’t working, she enjoys restoring old furniture, making crafts, reading and visiting her grandson. Family is incredibly important to her.

Brenda is a mentor with Baptist Community Services. She’s hard working, witty and loves to learn. Although she is easy going, she isn’t afraid to stick up for her beliefs.

“I can be unbending if I believe in something,” Brenda says.

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